The pressure’s mounting on!

As the woman crosses her 40’s,
the pressure keeps mounting on!

With children entering into teenage, the tantrums seem to increase by the day gone.

The husband having struggles of his own,
she has to fight it out alone.

The sagging wrinkled skin, the increased weight,
the thinning, greying hair wait for none.

What she wanted to do and what she ended up doing, all her dreams are overthrown.

So many unanswered questions keep hovering around,
the pressure keeps mounting on!

She waits, she dreams, the day will come,
when she too will be the dame, who will conquer her own little fame,
get her long pending due, for a lovely life she pulled through.

The day, when all the pressures gone,
anticipating eagerly for this dawn,
forgetting all her worries and living for her own.

Though the pressure’s mounting on…

Though the pressure’s mounting on, there is nothing that’s gone wrong,
there are more pros than con, it is life’s experience that I have won.

In this endeavour, it’s a treasure, to know after all ‘*Diamonds* ’ are made under pressure.

Shining bright as I look back, there’s not a moment of regret.

The patience and endurance that I got, nowhere else could have I sought.

No management could have ever taught, the life lessons that my children brought.

I can see the best remuneration, in the upcoming generation.

The love and labour that I sowed, with all heart and soul, has transformed into this beautiful abode.

The relationship that I had vowed, is blooming and making me proud.

At the helm I stand with pride, basking in the glory of life’s journey all teary-eyed,
feeling happy, contented and satisfied.

I am sailing through life as graceful as a swan, the past I don’t dwell upon, it’s the future that I throw light on,
though the pressure’s mounting on!
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