Though Amaranth comes from the Greek word, ‘Amaranthus’ which means non-fading, it may well be considered of Sanskrit origin with the word ‘Amar’ meaning deathless.

Ram Dana (or Lord Rama’s grain) is another name it goes by and true to its name, this ‘God’s Grain’ is a complete powerhouse of energy – A great source of calcium, protein, amino acids, iron, magnesium, Vitamin A, B, E and the only grain which contains Vitamin C!

A Brain Charger, Rajgira has proven to be beneficial in migraine since the magnesium in it prevents constriction of arteries and blood vessels. It improves premenstrual syndrome (anxiety/mood swings/ irritability) and the thiamine (Vitamin B1) content relieves stress and improves memory & concentration.

Amaranth also lowers blood pressure, stimulates growth and its protein rich property helps in generation of new cells. The antioxidants present in it maintain uric acid levels and cure arthritis. The presence of calcium and minerals helps in strengthening of bones.

Fibre in Rajgira helps in digestion and cures gastrointestinal diseases. It is rich in vitamin K that helps lower cholesterol. It cures varicose veins, as the flavonoids strengthen the veins & blood vessels. Rajgira is rich in folic acid, so it’s good in pregnancy as well. The grain has a bio-active compound which proves beneficial for diabetics. Helps maintain healthy hair, improves eyesight and accelerates weight loss too.

Effectively, the list of its benefits is endless!

The grain which we remember only during fasting should very generously be included in our daily diet. Enjoy this super ‘gluten free’ grain in form of halwa, ‘chaulai’ laddu, chikki, roti, puri, tikki or chillas & witness the magic of God’s Grain with your own eyes.


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