Human brain is amazing. I mean, doesn’t it make you curious?

Like how amazingly brain has the power to store memories, places you’ve been to, people you’ve sat with and the person you’ve became.

Still, there are situations which your life has thrown at you and you never know how to respond to it. You never know what will next. You don’t even know if you should respond to it in a positive way or negative way. Because those are the life skills which we should’ve taught or paid attention to.

As a teenager, I used to seek answers of all the questions which continuously used to pop up in my head. But literally I don’t used to find answers. Now, don’t you think there are essential matters about life which you should be knowing beforehand so that you handle situations.

Here’s a list of all the things which you should’ve been taught or have a slight clue about in order to master your life and managing yourself.

What essential life skills aren’t taught ?
  • Rejection – Everyone has faced rejections in many ways; it can be in a professional way or in a personal way. Faced rejection by dream company/university or being rejected by someone you love. In any case, you feel like a part of your world is crushing down. When in reality, you’ve never taught how to tackle it, manage it or overcome it.
  • Failure – Failure is something which have considered shameful. When in reality, it can act a fuel of making things happen in your way later in life. It can act as a guidance to inspire someone else’s life.
  • Respect – Respect isn’t all about respecting your elders or other people. It is also about respecting different opinions, careers, choices, gender, religion. It’s a two way street. It’s like in order to be respectful, you’ve to respect others.
  • Negativity – Where there is life, there is hope and if sometimes things doesn’t work out your way it brings so much negativity within you. It gets difficult for you to look at positive side. Because you’ve never taught how to handle it.
  • Budget – Don’t you think managing money is equally important as making money. Many times we’ve been taught where the other planet exists but not really how wisely you should manage and invest your money.
  • Self defense – So how can you even think of always being with protected by your loved ones ? Think of all the situation where you’ve to face it alone. Yet, nobody taught us why self defense is important.
  • Self Belief – You’ll come across many things and if things bad happens to you. The next moment will be the moment you lost all the faith within yourself. It doesn’t matter how long it has taken for you to build it up.
  • Kindness – Kindness is just a simple word. Yet, it costs nothing to be kind to anyone. You should always choose to be kind to anyone or kind ones.
  • Self Love – Even if someone brings you the world, you won’t get satisfied. You don’t even know how to respond to it. Because you have never taught what self love actually is. Love yourself enough so that others can just add extra to it.
  • Public Speaking – You will never know the importance of confidence until and unless you’ve asked to speak something in front of everyone because you’ve never taught how to be confident personally & professionally. Why is it really important to have confidence in order to be excel in life.
  • Peace – The only peace we are taught is between countries. Don’t you think? It is so important to have peace in our daily life, peace of our mind, peace in our families not important enough.
  • Maturity – Do we really need to go through ton of shit in our life to achieve this, don’t we deserve to know this concept and to learn how to handle things beforehand in our lives ?

Well, the voices inside my head taken a setback. They aren’t loud anymore.
Somewhere, down the path of my life.
I am mastering my life and managing myself well.

Sometimes all you need to hear is the voices of no one, but yourself ! 

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