1f7436fdf6e51ba0c86eac06c2a421adYou cannot always be a lone wanderer in the journey of your life.
Just like a pillow to rest your head at night you need a companion with whom you can enjoy the journey of life.
Because really what’s life actually is? If you have nobody to share it with.
Just like every color makes you feel different.
Similarly, each person in your life will make you feel differently.

Eventually, every person wants to be loved before loving & many times there’s always one person who actually loves the other person more.
But the key is to balance it in order to minimize conflicts & mismanagement of two different perspectives.

Relationship should be your safe heaven, not a battlefield. The world is hard enough already.

Here’s what having a mature relationship sounds like
  • Give them required space.
  • Even if you both have a fight, talk about it later. Don’t avoid it.
  • If you’re collecting all the pile of their mistakes without letting them know; later it will convert into big issue. So, talk about it; because that’s how you’ll get to know what your partner thinks. What he/she actually wants from you.
  • Never let your ego comes in relationship. Because if there’s an ego I don’t think that relationship is something worth having.
  • Don’t give over importance if you feel as if you’re the only person who is trying to keep the relationship. But at least care enough to be there always. Eventually, it will be fine.
  • Listen to them. Everyone wants someone with whom they can share everything. Don’t just go on talking about what your day consists of, your issues. It’s not always about you. Think about other person too.
  • Talk about everything, directly. Be aware about what actually happening.
  • Celebrate each other’s success as well as failures. Be their cheerleader. So that they can always count on you & that’s how they’ll always find their way back to you.
  • Have faith in them. But don’t go blind. If you’re feeling something wrong talk about it. No matter what he/she thinks talk to them in a manner that they won’t feel bad.
  • Appreciate their presence. Tell them, what they mean to you. Tell them, why that specific thing reminds you of them. It may mean nothing much to you but listening to it brings joy in their day or life.
  • If you’re shouting or saying something irrelevant make a habit of listening to the same. Make sure you can bear it. Don’t feel bad. If you’re willing to keep the relationship, be considerate enough to know that everyone lose control at some point of time.
  • If you like their behavior towards you, appreciate it. If you don’t like, tell them that it isn’t acceptable. Because until you won’t speak how will they get to know.
  • Avoid being dramatic. If you want their attention talk to them straight. Don’t be dramatic it’s just so annoying.
  • Most importantly, if they’re talking about some issue that they’re facing, listen to them. Indulge it. Try to make them feel better by just being a listener. Don’t end up telling your own issues. You can talk about it later.
  • Remember it’s a two way thing. It’s not only about you. Be free with them as if they’re your best friend too. Don’t do things which you may not like if they’re doing the same.
  • Share all your rantings because if they don’t listen. Then who else will, right?

& that’s how you do it !

Finding an unconditional love in this world is difficult. Yet, It’s no less than a blessing if you have one. It’s one of the most beautiful feeling in life.

And hey, don’t forget to be their best friend first.

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