Mental Health. Psychology.

Heard and read a lot of these subjects recently, haven’t we?
Everyone on social media and public places has started talking about these “terms” and it’s tough to avoid them.

But why is everyone talking about it so much? What is the significance of these subjects? And many similar questions jumping and bouncing around in our heads.
Our brain is an organ just like any other. Our mind needs its nutrition and care just like the rest of our body, and that is inevitable. However, no one really seems to care about their or other’s Mental Health like they do for ones’ physical health. This could be because of various reasons such as:

1. Ignorance that it’s real in the first place
2. You don’t believe what you can’t see
3. “It’s all just in your head”
4. You can snap out of it easily

and numerous other commonly heard point of views.

But if this is the case, then why do people attempt suicides? Why is that that there are mental asylums? Why do people have so many insecurities? Why do people prefer sitting in dark and skipping meals instead of creating incredible memories?
Why do we have Mental Health Doctors/therapists/counsellors?
If all of these “Mental Health issues” are just myths then why on Earth do we humans have these experiences?

The Answer is simple – IT EXISTS.

The most comprehensible justification that we can come forward with respect to why is there so much of ignorance, denial and avoidance when it comes to mental health is that, because the majority of people haven’t experienced it; or even if they did, they were not able to identify the problem. We do not accept our unwell mental health which makes it worse for anyone and everyone to speak about it openly, and since we do not offer each other the space to step out and discuss, their condition keeps worsening. It is like a vicious cycle which needs to be broken. All those people who’re well aware of the importance and impact of Mental Health need to come together to spread a word for the same and make the subject of “Mental Health” more comprehensive for the rest of the world. Undeniably, there are a large number of people now who are very much active in spreading awareness and are working very dedicatedly in erasing the stigma of mental health. But as we all know, “the more, the merrier”.

Let us read, write and talk regarding the illnesses which deserve to be read, written and talked about as much as any other issues.


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