Have you ever lost hope in yourself and your life? Have you stopped looking forward to the next day? Been so far gone that you no longer see the point of staying alive? Have you stopped hoping for better days? I have.

Every day is a new start, a chance for you to find where you belong. Hope is a funny thing, you can have hope in anything you wish for, but the most important thing to have hope in is you.

Many of us have lost hope in ourselves when life kicks us to the ground. We become unsure about where we belong. We stop looking for the light in ourselves. We look at what we cant do instead of looking at what we can do. Comparing ourselves to what others have accomplished instead of what we have.

Finding hope is easy but holding on to the little bit of light can be harder. When we are young we have more hope than we know what to do with. How do you find the hope you have lost? What do you do when you can no longer believe in yourself?

You keep going! You find something to hope for, you build up the love and hope you lost in yourself. You stop looking at what cant be done, then start looking at what can be done. We all lose hope sometimes but it’s all about finding that little bit of hope.

These last few years the little bit of hope I still have is the reason get out of bed every day. The reason I keep going. I have this light in me that refuses to fade out. It’s the same hope that gets me out of bed. The same hope keeps me in a positive state of mind. This hope is the reason I’ve learned to love myself more and more. The same hope that keeps my spirit alive. Without this little bit of hope, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

Never lose hope to the point of no return because then what would you have to live for. Remember you believe in yourself and never stop believing in who you are. Only you can be the best parts of yourself.

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