There’s a reason betel leaves are known as the ‘Golden Heart of Nature.’

It is a potent brain tonic. Betel leaves have tremendous power to cure depression. They stimulate the activity of the nervous system and help produce aromatic phenolic compound. These in turn stimulate the amount of catecholamines in the system which is directly linked with lowering depression.

These leaves also act as a brain charger. If you are feeling lazy, exhausted or sluggish; using betel leaves can act as a tonic. It energises and motivates people.

The benefits for body are also aplenty. Betel leaves help reduce the growth of oral bacteria, prevents tooth decay and strengthens the gums.

They are very effective as painkillers for internal and external wounds of the body. They balance the pH level of stomach and improves digestion. Betel leaves also help in curing thyroid, improves the blood circulation, and strengthens the respiratory system.

It is a great cure for joint pain, reduces sugar level in the blood and cures urinary blockages.

So, aren’t these leaves powerful?

The Sarvagun Sampann Patta! No wonder then that no Puja starts without blissful betel leaves.

So don’t think twice before popping that paan today, sipping on the paan mojito or savouring some betel leaf fritters.


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