In our over-scheduled life, we tend to play many roles as in the role of a mother, a daughter, a daughter-in-law, as a wife, as an employee. It becomes important for us to manage our professional and personal life.

When it comes to our personal life, It’s important for us to fulfill the needs of our dear ones, take care of them, pamper them, and make them feel special.  

When it comes to our professional life we need to set up a goal, accomplish the given task on time, work hard for our salaries.

In the midst of balancing our professional and personal life, we forget to spend some time taking care of ourselves, and when we forget to take care of ourselves there are possibilities of our mental health being affected. 

We cannot ignore our mental health condition because I feel mental illness drains your mind.

Can we take care of our dear ones when our mental health is affected?

Instead, our dear ones need to take care of us during these situations.


Can we focus on our work properly when our mental health is affected?

We can take care of our physical appearance but how can we take care of our mental health?

Do you have this question popping up in your mind?

Well, let me tell you this.

You can take care of your mental health by following a few simple tips.

  1. Analyze yourself: 

Have a question and answer time.

This is the most important tip that you need to follow in order to know your mental health condition. Question yourself.

Ask questions like:

  • Am I ok?
  • Is there anything that’s bothering me?
  • Am I overthinking?
  • Am I feeling uneasy?
  • Why am I reacting like this?
  • What’s making me feel unhappy?
  • Why am I isolating myself?

Knowing yourself and analyzing yourself is the best way to understand your mental health condition.

2. Concentrate on those things that make you feel happy:

Spend some time in doing those things that make you happy as it recharges your mind. which will indirectly help in maintaining a good mental health condition. For instance,

 If listening to music refreshes your mind, spend some time doing that. 

3. Relax for some time:

I have my own way of relaxing myself. Do you want to know?

Well, let me tell you the secret of relaxing my mind.

When I want to relax I just stare at the plants, the mountains all around for a few minutes.

Seems funny right? But I feel it actually helps me. Everybody has their own way of relaxing themselves. I am sure you might also have your own relaxing techniques.

No matter how busy you are allot sufficient time for sleeping. When you don’t have a proper sleep, your brain can’t function properly due to this you cannot concentrate on the given task. Spend some time watching entertaining shows as in movies, comedy shows, reading good books, or going for a walk.

4. Recollect your good memories: 

You might feel why is this necessary?

But when you are feeling low or when you feel nothing is cheering you up just think of all your good memories which you had with your friends, family, or with your colleagues. This will make you feel good. You can also think about the days where you had to face a challenge and how you successfully encountered it. 

This is also one of my mantras of cheering up myself when I am feeling low.

You can also try this with yourself. 

5. Accept yourself:

How many of you have committed mistakes in your life?

I think all of us might have committed mistakes in our life. It’s human nature.

Did you ever regret about it then after? Or tried to curse yourself for committing a mistake? Well, this happened with me several times.

I think when you have committed a mistake you need to learn from it and forgive yourself. 

Never hate yourself. You are your own best friend. You need to accept your mistake, learn from it, and forgive yourself.

When you hate yourself it’s like you are fighting with your own self and sometimes this will have an adverse effect on your mental health condition. 

Also, accept your imperfections. Stop comparing yourself with others. Everybody is different from one another. 

6. Have a positive outlook:

Don’t think that you are only the one who is suffering.

We all have troubles in our life. It’s not you or I who are suffering but everybody is dealing with their own troubles in life.

Read good books so that you get inspired. Learn from your mistakes rather than overthinking about it and creating traffic in your mind.

Be around people from whom you can receive positive vibes. If necessary you can also observe them as in the way they think, the way they analyze so that you can imbibe those tricks and put into practice for having a positive outlook. 

7. Ask for help:

People will not know what you are suffering from until and unless you vocalize about it.

So if you feel that you need help or you are unable to handle it anymore by yourself ask for help.

When you vocalize what you feel and what you are going through, your dear ones can make an effort of helping you out of it but if you don’t speak out and suffer in silence it will have an adverse effect as the time passes by.

8. Consult a Psychologist or a Psychiatrist:

Having sessions with them can help you to recover as they can provide you with suggestions and ways to come of it. You might feel that people might consider you are “mad” or label you with different other names. Taking a counseling session to recover is not a crime that you have committed, so you don’t need to feel ashamed of it. 

Inspire others as well by sharing your story and letting them know how important it is for us to take care of our mental health. Educate people on this basis.

These are the few tips that I follow to take care of my mental health and trust me it works.



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