‘I get so lost in my thoughts that I find no way to grab myself out from them’ or ‘ I am feeling so overwhelmed but have no time for rest’ or ‘It just feels like my mind is going to explode with so much information stuffed inside’. If you are the one in the same boat feeling similar thoughts then you actually need a total mind-set detox.

In the world of hustle where we are super overloaded with tasks and information, where everything and everyone demands our attention, it becomes really difficult to give your mind some space and free it to wander in peace. 

I too get caught up with various tasks and thoughts as if my mind is running up multiple open tabs without getting anywhere. Though I am writing these total mindset detox steps and tips for you, even I fall in this trap often.

I wouldn’t lie to you and paint a picture of having a perfectly soothing state of mind. But here’s the good news, whenever I find my mind cluttered up with so much of junk, I use the following seven steps to declutter my mind and reset it back to the peaceful state.

Besides this, I am also going to recommend some amazing tools, books, and workbooks that I personally use to detox my mindset. I want to make sure that this is super helpful as well as practically applicable to you.

This mindset detox is similar to spring cleaning. We usually clean our body from toxins especially during this season of bloom but how often do we do this with our minds? It indeed is necessary to flush out toxins from your head before you welcome the season of bloom, the season of growth.

Mind clutter can lead to:

  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Overwhelm and overthinking
  • Lack of focus
  • Unnecessary anger
  • Anxiety
  • Health issues
  • Unhappiness

To avoid falling in the trap of the above monsters, jump into decluttering your mind this spring and re-energize yourself. Here are the 7 brilliant steps that will help you detox your mindset.

Step 1 – Clear your mind

There is so much stuff going on inside our heads that we literally wish to have some ‘STOP’ button. Whenever my mind feels heavy, I use journaling as a brain dump.

This type of free-writing is more like junk journaling where you write down everything that clutters your mind even if your sentences don’t make sense.

If you have been following me on Instagram, you would have noticed that I post my daily morning pages.

Journaling gives my mind some space to think about what actually matters to me and find peace in stillness.

Brain dumping is letting go of all the information that you don’t need, just like spring cleaning your mindset.

Sometimes our mind is loaded with so much negativity that we even fail to realize its existence. Being self-aware of what’s taking your headspace is also essential.

Step 2 – Make time for joy

When was the last time you did something that blasted the ball of joy within? Ahh! I ain’t talking about the number of likes or follows you get that adds up to your joy. I am talking about the moments, activities that make you jump out of your bed and rekindle your soul with so much happiness.

Do this today, make a list, a BIG FAT list of everything that brings you joy. Now ask yourself, how can you inculcate those things or activities in your regular life to experience more of it?. Allow yourself to go to your happy place again and again.

For instance, my happy place is writing, for it calms my mind. Identify what brings calm to your mind instead of overwhelming. This can be any activity like practicing yoga or meditations, listening to your favourite tune, baking your signature raspberry cupcake, reading soul-nourishing books, dancing freely.

Your happy place can also be some physical place like your bedroom or open terrace or even amidst nature. Go to your happy place and enjoy yourself.

Step 3 – Allow yourself to REST

‘You are wasting your damn life if you aren’t productive’ or ‘You need to hustle to live your dream life’ – our adulthood is so grasped in these words of being always productive or doing something in order to be worthy. This idea of being busy is engraved in our minds since childhood.

Today, give yourself permission to rest, allow yourself to do nothing. Note that it isn’t being lazy if you take rest. You are prioritizing your mental peace and it is worth anything else.

In the name of busyness, we hop onto multitasking which leaves us mindfully drained at the end. It is also necessary that we try to reduce distractions around us.

You may have also noticed how your mindless scrolling all through the internet makes your mind unstable and forces you to compare yourself with someone’s Insta-perfect picture. It is more than essential to free your mind and give it some time to rest and wander in peace.

Step 4. Reduce the outer noise

When was the last time you checked your social media?

It is indeed hard for me to stop checking comments and DMs. At times, I feel so driven by some random message that I fail to be in my consciousness. If you are someone who feels a lot for others, it can be challenging to stay grounded.

Hence, it is much needed to reduce online time and get back to some mindful practices. This isn’t being selfish but is necessary to take care of yourself in order to help others.

Find out the people around you who always spread negative energy and allow yourself to stay away from them. It isn’t always possible to totally avoid them but we can at least have some healthy boundaries to protect our energy.

 Also, it is okay to unfollow and unsubscribe to everyone who doesn’t add a positive vibe to your life, who fails to feed your mind with soothing messages.

Remember, your mind is your sacred space, feed it with everything super nourishing and healthy.

Step 5 – Take charge of your life

In the end, everything works only when you make it work. The detox of your mindset will only be possible if you take the responsibility and consciously work towards doing everything that helps you grow. At times, we need to reset our mindset to declutter.

Take out your planner and schedule some reset time that your mind totally needs. Make time for everything necessary such as exercise, yoga, junk journaling, having joyful moments.

Mindfulness is also a strong commitment that you give to yourself. Remember, you are worthy of this.

Step 6 – Clear your priorities

It is very crucial to know your priorities to clear out your mind. Always know what is important and then take the necessary action. There is no use of stuffing your To-Do list with everything you cannot do. This never-ending list simply adds worry and makes you anxious.

Look at the bigger picture and always remember your WHY. I use journaling to find my purpose and my ultimate why. When I find something which isn’t aligned to my main goal, I trim that off my calendar.

This process will give space to your mind and it will stop running like a machine.

There is no use of having things just to have a long list – if it isn’t serving your purpose, let it go. By having a clear idea of your priorities, you will be always on track and will feel motivated to move even further with some actionable goals. Most importantly, consider yourself a human.

Step 7 – Schedule the worry time

Yes, you read that correctly. I am never going to say that by doing certain exercises or following some tips and tricks, you will be able to kick off worries. We are humans, and it is okay to feel the emotions.

We tend to avoid our tensions and worries under the label of being busy. This is not going to do any good for us. Suppressing your emotions will never result in their absence. Instead, these emotions will arise untimely and destroy your mental peace.

The only way to heal or to get rid of them is to feel them. Have some time scheduled for your worries and anxious thoughts. During this allotted time, you are free to worry about your forefathers or your great-great-grandchildren (okay, exaggeration). But you get my point.

This is your very own slot or a booked session where you can invite all your troubles and worries to sit and chat with you. However, after that time period, you aren’t allowed to think about them. Even when those thoughts pop-up from nowhere, refocus, or distract yourself.

Alternatively, you can also make a ‘To worry list’ of the things that make you anxious throughout the day. In the end, you will either give up worrying or find some solution. Having a total mindset detox is a self-work where you need to be willing to improve and grow your mindset.

This also needs practice, a deliberate practice. But in the end, it is always worth it to clear your mind and remove all the negativity. Just as our home becomes blissful and soothing after a spring clean, so does our mind after the total mindset detox. These were the steps that I use whenever I need to clear my head and it feels super relaxing. I really hope you try these beautiful exercises and gift peace to your mind and soul.


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