As we are only in the fourth month of the year, people are still making resolutions that they want to achieve this year. A large percentage of New Year’s Resolutions made each year are related to weight and fitness. According to a survey by YouGov, 48% of the people in 2019 made their New Year Resolution as ‘Weight Loss’. This percentage tends to increase every passing year as people are now more concerned about their health and fitness.

The way the year 2020 has gone, which included lockdown and work from home activities, people are more likely to gain those unnecessary kilos, which they now want to shed off. Even still now, there are lockdowns in some areas and the gyms are not completely open to the public. In such a case, losing those extra kilos from the premises of your home sounds a bit difficult. Here, having a partner or being the one who supports their spouse’s weight loss goals sounds like a blessing. It not only motivates you to achieve the goal, rather it is one of those ways to warm up your relationship.

Sticking to any fad diet or involving in an unrealistic exercises regime will help in achieving short term goals, but the primary focus should be kept on desiring to achieve good health and fitness for the long run. For the same, basic lifestyle changes need to be made which can be followed for the entire life. So if you are the one who is trying to help your spouse to drop those unnecessary fats, moving down the aisle will help you to do the same.

1. Understand and learn about weight loss programs.

Stepping into something with no or half knowledge is always dangerous. So before you start the journey, first have a deeper understanding of the corresponding concepts. Gone are the days when we needed to find out an expert on a particular topic to gain knowledge. In this era of the internet, everything is at your fingertips. Just Google it and learn the theory before the onset of practice. There is nothing wrong if you prefer an expert as well, but if it’s not possible, not to worry! There is a plethora of ideas, information and data uploaded on the internet.

So just go through them; start reading blogs, or further, read from research papers. The idea is to start with proper knowledge.

2. Check yourself.

“Practice what you teach”- you can instruct someone when you yourself are able to perform the task. If you are unhealthy and overweight and trying to help your spouse in losing weight, things are not going to work. You should be fit enough to direct someone about health. So, if you are fit, it’s good. If not, then along with your spouse/ partner, you also take the initiative to achieve the same goal together. It will not only help in hitting the target, but also will spark your relation with warmth and love.

3. Believe in the team effort.

Every person feels a bit relaxed when someone is there to offer a helping hand. Though it is your spouse/partner who is trying to lose weight, yet making events a team effort will drive things in a faster and better way. Starting from a grocery list, to what vegetables should be purchased, and if possible preparing the meal together, it is always easier to succeed as a team. It is delightful to see that everybody is on board.

4. Encourage and offer to sweat together.

During the journey, your mate may face ups and downs. At times, they may be physically or emotionally drained. A weight loss programme can be rejuvenating on some days and challenging on others. During such times, do not judge their capability or criticise their weakness; as these attitudes will further damage their morale. At that point in time, encourage them to restore the positive outlook about the journey. Also, hitting the treadmill together can be a better way to support your partner or go for a joint run. If going to the gym, try to take a ‘couple packages’. Remember ‘couples who sweat together, stay together’.

5. Never keep your mate on strict and fad diets.

From the very childhood, it is being vehemently taught to study hard and work hard, to get good food on your table. So, no one in this world wants to compromise with their taste buds. Therefore, never advise your mate to follow diets, which are deprived of good taste. Instead, try to incorporate healthy kitchen habits in your lifestyle, which is being followed by the entire family. The starting can be, don’t bring junk foods at home.

Research shows that most unhealthy eating habits start from snacking junk food in between main meals. So fill your kitchen and compartments with light and healthy snacks, so as when someone is feeling hungry, they will go with healthy options. If there is a craving for delicious and over-calorie desserts, go to a restaurant and have them once in a month; but never let these silent killers (extra-calories foods) enter the premises of your home.

6. Accept your spouse the way they are.

In a world where everyone wants to look good and wants to hang out with nice people, do not fall prey to overlooking that it is love that is the main reason for your relationship. Never ever compare them or ask them to copy someone. Do not say that they are not looking good or you feel shame to accept such a ‘bulky’ personality. Rather, make them understand the value of good health and physique. Make them believe that however they are, you will always love and admire them. Express gratitude for their efforts. At last, it is the mind that will love you forever. So, make that mind healthy and full of joy.

Talking to someone you love regarding weight loss can be awkward. But if your partner is struggling to discard those worthless kilos, it is your duty to support them.  Helping your partner towards weight loss goals can mean a happier and longer relationship.
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