“While we try to teach our children all about life,

Our children teach us what life is all about”- – Angela Schwindt

March 2020, a month that set aflame a viral fear among citizens, this month marked the beginning of a threat in our state when the first case of COVID-19 sneaked into Karnataka and eventually our minds. Life hasn’t been the same since then. Not for me not for anyone who knew what COVID-19 was and it’s impact on us humans. Panic struck as the number of cases surged. But one generation of our society seemed to be floating with bliss…. oblivious of what was happening around, in fact, wondering what the tension was all about!

‘Lockdown through the eyes of a 5 year old’ is based on the perception of a child about lockdown (holidays according to them.) and what good has come of It.!!

On 12th of March 2020 Karnataka Govt. advised a temporary lockdown. And little did I know I was going to wake up to what follows……

Kid: “Good morning mamma. You are still here?  Don’t I have to go to school? You didn’t go to work today? Will you be with me the whole day”?

Me:“You don’t have to go to school today darling”!

Kid: “Really”?! He exclaims!! “Did my teacher say so? Do I have to go tomorrow”?

MeI explain to him and say “No sweetheart you might not have school for a while, because there is a dangerous virus in our environment and it could make us really sick! We could also lose our life because of this virus called Corona”.

Kid: “Will you stay home till Corona is over?” Yay..!! “You will play with me Right?

Me: “Yes we can play”

Kid: “You’re the best mamma in the whole wide world!! J  I love you so much! Come let’s play”.

Since then, I wake up every morning to a flash of sparkle in the eye of my little one!!

Kid: “Whats the plan for today mamma”?

“Isn’t it a blessing…”?!

Now ….a glimpse of the routine before lockdown…Before the 12th of March, my drill would be completely different…

Me: “Baby wake up, you’re getting late for school”, “Go brush your teeth take a bath”….. “Did you finish brushing? Rush him through breakfast, “I’ve packed your snack box make sure you eat everything… Hurry up you’ll delay me from going to work on time”; “did you take all your books?

Kid: “Wait mamma”.

Me: “Alright now  … Got to go… Have a good day Darling”!

And then comes the heart wrenching question….

Kid: “Mamma will you come home soon today and play with me”?

Oh how my heart sinks with that question but I reply –

Me: “I’ll try Baby boy, you study & work well at school”!

Did I forget something? – Yes I forgot to breathe and didn’t give him a chance to speak.

I say to myself: What a race every morning..!! Oh God “I wish time would slow down a bit, just for a few days”!!

How our lives have turned into a grueling marathon that never reaches a finish line. We complain about how busy we are, how overloaded we are with work and stress, and deadlines, we need to work faster, with more vigor, we need to work with speed! Somehow that’s what we view as a positive lifestyle- this is what we consider the path to prosperity and enriched lives.

But now… How times have changed in a flash…! A full-throttle life has now lost pace And surprisingly, yielding more satisfaction than before, “He is elated and I am happy and grateful”!!!

I’ve learnt that It’s euphoric to wake up to a happy face , I’ve learnt My child cherishes every moment spent with me..I’ve been enlightened about how much he looks forward to my company, I’ve rediscovered the child in me, and discovered the artist in me through ways of teaching him art and other life-skills. I witness how he enjoys my culinary experiments; I experience his love in every single aspect!!! What better way to be locked down?!!!

Children have the power to change an adult’s perspective of life .Unlike us adults who feel that the world is suddenly annihilated; children seem to rejoice our current state of lockdown. To them it is the world of fun and frolic that they longed for; they are astonished by how suddenly God heard their prayers and gave them holidays. How overnight Parents considered giving them more time & attention. They are delighted by the mere presence of their parents around them. Their infinite questions, indescribable curiosity and the enthusiasm with which they carry out every task is amazing to witness and experience.

As for us amidst all this chaos there are rays of light that reflect through our children. Work stress is short lived, responsibilities seem undemanding, and the aura around feels congenial, all you have to do is glance through and analyze your kid’s face!  The gleam in their eyes would tell you how ecstatic they are with just you being at home. And you experience nothing but sheer happiness when they are around.

Whether unruffled or mischievous, quirky or typical; Children add freshness to your day. They do not know what the future holds in store for them, but these days spent with parents will surely add value to the encyclopedia of memories that they will treasure for life.

I would like to conclude by saying, that children are the purest most benevolent blessings of God bestowed upon us, they are the anchors to our lives, all they need from you is your time and love which is rightfully theirs. Do not deprive these pure souls of anything; instead uplift their minds and souls with positivity and encouragement, and you will witness how they face life fearlessly and contribute productively to Humanity.

CHERISH children and THANK them as they teach you

the true meaning of LOVE and LIFE”!

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