Mental health of a student is equally important to the academic performance. When a student is mentally fit and healthy, he or she would excel in their studies too. According to many researches, happy students can study well. Children who are having a mental illness may also excel but need the support of parents and teacher as well.

Role of teachers

The role of the teacher in making children or students aware of their mental health is very prominent as they spend a lot of time with them once they are joined in schools. Every subject teacher of the student must concentrate on the mental health of the student rather than the academics because, if they are good at their mental ability, they will reflect the same in studies. So let us see how teachers play a significant role and how they can assist a student from childhood in their mental health:

    • Observation: A teacher must observe their students and notice any changes in their behavior.
    • Assessment: Assessing involves testing whether they are mentally ill or healthy by using various techniques 
    • Educating: Making them aware of the problems that they may face by mental health inconveniences may also lead them to overcome those by confidence filled by teachers.
    • Questioning: If a child does not mingle with the other students, he needs to be identified and needs to question appropriately to know his problem he is facing to play or interact with others.
    • Prevention: Once the teacher is aware that a child is having some issues regarding mental health, they need to inform to the concerned people, and he or she has to be taken to the professional help. This must be done as soon as possible.

Now that the role of a teacher is clear, let us understand how parents have to take care of their children’s mental health at home.

Role of parents

The mental disorder usually develops when a child is profoundly disappointed by anyone’s behavior towards them. The disappointment or deeply hurt moment may occur in the schools or sometimes even at home. If your child has come to you and told you that he lost his pencil box, he or she must be taken close to you and asked how did they lose it. If they are unable to answer, make them aware that you will not scold if it is their mistake. Tell them that it is ok for now but never lose it again because things are precious to be bought repeatedly. Make them understand rather than shouting and scolding them. Make some time for your children when they are home and spend quality time with them. Help in their home works, ask what they were taught in the school, what did the teacher tell about your last assignment? Enquire about their daily things.

Also, keep in touch with the teacher to know your child’s update regarding academics and also his movements in the class because children feel free in the schools as compared to home, and they enjoy the school environment. For such type of children, create a school kind of environment at home so that they can enjoy the house as well. If you notice any severe changes, you should not panic but immediately contact for a psychologist or psychiatrist’s help. Children are sensitive, and they should be handled with ultimate care. The childhood stage is where they learn so many things and adopt a way of life. So we need to make them follow a proper pattern so that they get accustomed to it and lead a glorious life in the future. 


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