Interest is the mother of attention and attention is mother of memory

  1. TAKE TESTS – We push things into memory because when it is required we like to recall it. How do you know that you will be able to recall when you need it? Simple take tests periodically and make repeated attempts in recalling. Regular recall improves memory.
  2. TAKE BREAKS suppose you have 3.5 hours to read, break it into 4 parts of 45 minutes after each followed by 5 to 10 minutes break .Research has indicated that you can concentrate for 3 hours if you take break after 45 minutes
  3. CREATE ASSOCIATIONtry to seek new  association  with what you are learning to the knowledge you already have .This will reinforce your learning and improve the odds of moving the information from short term memory to long term memory
  4. SLEEP ON ITreview before going to sleep as this is what our brain would most quickly and efficiently file away
  5. RELAX  –brain functions best when you are relaxed and free from stress
  6. READING HABITSread aloud; don’t worry it won’t disturb others in the house. Walk while you read
  7. VISUAL information that is concrete and tangible is more memorable than abstract information. Seek to visualize in some fashion what you are learning. Doing so will help in paying attention
  8. WRITE try to write down what you read as it would help in retaining the information in the memory
  9. REVISE  you should revise shortly after the learning period. Initially, say within 10 minutes after learning and then again within 24 hours. It needs a few minutes to store, organize and integrate the data
  10. SLEEP WELL information is ‘consolidated’ in the memory during sleep. Try to sleep well. More than six hours is best.

The best way to remember is to repeat; and the best way to repeat is to “teach’ someone else. Draw charts. Write and rewrite key ideas and formulas


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