Letting Go is nothing but a freedom from all the thoughts which you are struggling with.

During a last conversation with one of my friend, she asked me – “Hey Payal, how should we let go a person when you know that there isn’t any future ?”

I mean this is something that I am stuck up with.

So what letting go actually is?

To which I told her that – “if you are holding a glass of water for like eight hours straight without even drinking to it.

It will hurt your hands, no.

Now what will you do? You would place a glass on the table. Right?

Now just think of yourself, why do you even think of holding onto a person in your life when you clearly know that there isn’t any chance for both of you to be together in future. I mean it is no less than an act of insanity. Because at the end you are going to be exhausted by thinking you could have utilized those time of your life on some other things.

Well, letting go isn’t a overnight thing. Letting go is a process within itself. Letting go means accepting that time or circumstances isn’t favoring you. Letting go just means that you are going to have a soft corner for that particular person at least up to certain point of time of your life. Letting go is all about acceptance. Accepting how you see things in your life and how you are taking the responsibility to make things alright.

If your heart hurts after letting go of someone or something, that’s okay. It’s just means your feelings were genuine. Sure, nobody likes ends and pains that follow eventually. But sometimes you need to put things that were once good to an end after they have turned into toxic that it is getting difficult for you to handle. It starts affecting your wellbeing.

You need to detach yourself from wanting to be understood and flow in your self love. Eventually, life has it’s own way of show that who and what will enter in your life.

The best way to put an end to a thing is by having zero expectations to it. It is human tendency to expect from the person we love i mean it just grows with or without paying attention to it. We want our relationship to work or our dreams to work as we are putting efforts on it. But when you know there is no chance of those things to work out in favor. You need to cease the expectations.

After all, for whom are you doing this for ?

Of course, for yourself. You need to stop making scenarios in your head and expecting it to happen. You need to stop breaking your own heart by trying to make your relationship work. You just cannot force someone to care for you the way you care for them. You shouldn’t always try to fix up things. Sometimes you just need to give time to things or yourself in order to taking into consideration your own wellbeing.

Just in case you are unable to understand right now, but I promise you that your future self, you mental health will thank you enough.

So whenever you find yourself wishing and hoping for things out of your control. Summon all your strength to let go and start heading towards new direction which is filled you new energy that is going to spark up your soul with happiness, positivity and peace.

Eventually she seems to be convinced and said – “Thank you Payal. You have literally covered three areas of life in which I was dealing with heaviness. Firstly, mental health. Secondly, uncertainty that follows after letting go. Lastly, how I should never break my own heart.”

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    • October 23, 2020

      Each and every statement made here is a fact. Really helpful article. Keep posting more of such❤️

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