“The future is completely open, and we are writing it moment to moment.”

– Pema Chodron

This past year has been one of tremendous self-discovery. One day, I suddenly realized after nine years of a very straight finance-paved path that I no longer wanted to be a corporate banker.

Instead, I wanted to wake up each morning with a bigger purpose – an idea of who I was and what I stood for outside of this corporate lifestyle.

Since that day, I seemed to be in tiresome pursuit in finding my story. I even seriously debated moving out of the country to build character and expand my journey.

While my own story is one that remains on the preface page, I have realized over several months of contemplation that we can’t discover our personal novel by rushing the process or through constant over-analyzing.

It is, instead, a combination of our daily experiences and the wisdom we receive from them that shapes our meaning.

We all have a truly unique story, but we don’t have to be in a hurry to write it or create it. When we start living life instead of always trying to figure it out, our story – our meaning, our purpose – will present itself in amazing ways.

Here are five activities I have found helpful in discovering my world:

1. Share three “grateful statements” a day

 It’s remarkable how your day and life can become instantly transformed by realizing the gifts and abundance that exist all around you right here, right now.

Drop a line through text, email, or a good old-fashioned phone call with a sister, friend, boyfriend, or anyone else close to you about something you’re grateful for.

It can be a simple thing – how you have AC in your car in the sweltering heat, for example. A grateful approach will awaken you to see the world that exists in front of you today, leading to happier, brighter, more meaningful days.

2. Explore contrast exercises

If you are a night person, like I am, you get a surge of energy every night at 11:00 and manage to find something, anything, to keep you occupied way past your bedtime.

I recently (and not easily) began going to bed by 10:00. This way, I  could get up in the morning for a run or a spin class, followed by a morning meditation before I started on my commute.

I am in awe of how the day looks and feels different by waking up at a new hour, from the sunrise to the increased productivity level I have by mid-morning.

If you are a morning person, try staying up until the midnight hour and notice the difference around you. Or, if you enjoy taking walks at night as part of your workout regiment, what happens if you try out a new hip-hop class at your gym instead?

When exploring other parts of your day that you’re not aware of by making small adjustments, a whole new discovery and perspective may surface.

3. Commit to thirty days of excellence

This year my husband and I have made a fun activity of practicing thirty days of excellence. We’ve done everything from “thirty days of going to bed on time” to “thirty days of five-minute, daily meditation” to “thirty days of being mindful about our attitude and what we share.”

Committing to thirty days of excellence to form a habit can improve your world. It will give you the energy and inspiration to take on the next step in your journey of discovery.

4. Write an “I want…” list

There are tons of articles and books out there about knowing what it is you want to do with your life. I am here to repeat this important exercise: Write “I want…” at the top of a piece of paper or your journal and start writing without pausing to think.

Keep this list at your bedside and revisit it daily. By tuning into knowing exactly what it is you want, you will be able to identify it when you see it, without it passing by without notice.

5. Create a board of inspiration

 I have a fascination with cards. Ever since I was a little girl, I would make cards from scratch for every occasion and everyone around me.

We constantly had family members visiting from Taiwan when I was younger. I’d always show up at the airport with a personalized card welcoming the guest to town.

Now, twenty-plus years later, I still love cards. Instead of creating them, I collect them. I enjoy finding meaningful messages and quotes in card shops. I recently purchased a blank canvas where I’ve pasted each of those cards in a square and hung it up in a place in my home office. I revisit them every day to stay inspired.

What inspires you? Is it a photo of a place you once visited? A picture from a travel magazine you want to vacation to? Or perhaps a CD cover from your favourite artist? Create a board of inspiration, visit it daily, and let it speak to you.

Make yourself inspired to continually discover your world. Your world unfolds in the process.

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