Humans are complex! Isn’t it?

We cry for small little things, we feel disheartened, another moment we may laugh. At a certain point in life, we may have cried for a few things, after a few years, we might see ourselves laughing at the same things. What really defines our feelings and emotions is the phase we are in right now. We are strong for a few things, we are weak for a few.

A human can’t be characterised as strong or weak. We all have our own strengths and we all have our own weaknesses. If someone has faced a certain situation and overcome it, it doesn’t mean that person has not gone through pain, suffering, helplessness but that person chose to continue what life would bring and sometimes maybe there was no choice apart from that.

Humans can have the same strengths and weaknesses. Love is an example of it, love can be your strength and it can be your weakness too. It sometimes can make you feel strong but when you lose them you may feel weak or helpless.

Life definitely moves on with time but what makes humans react towards certain situations are their insecurities which are developed from the past. Those who have lost their loved ones in past might always have insecurity about losing people and that feeling, emotion leads to reacting in a certain way that could like immaturity, insecurity, possessiveness to another person.

Like this people can love to be alone but are simultaneously scared of loneliness that’s why they just try to be with anyone, who spends time with them. Being alone seems to be their strength, they will do anything without being dependent on others but sometimes when they are going through something low in their life, they don’t want to be alone though they pretend to be. They really want someone to be near them, making them feel they are wanted, cared and loved; that they are not alone. Their strength becomes their weakness.

Saying to someone that you are strong can motivate them but the same words can refrain them from expressing themselves.

We all are different with different flaws, insecurities; the result of different circumstances we have been brought up in.

YES ! we are complex, with setting a goal of perfection with all our imperfections
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