Aren’t there some days when nothing seems to be going right – with or without reason. There maybe times when we (and others around us) seem to be stuck with our foul mood. Or we are unable to find anything interesting and pleasurable and do not even feel like talking to anyone.

Firstly, it’s important to remember that feeling this way is normal for all of us – at some point during the day or week or month – and secondly believe that it is possible to overcome our bad mood, albeit with some effort. Here are some quick hacks to help us get through that bad day.

1. Hydrate  

Moderate amount of dehydration is known to trigger irritability, fatigue and even headache. Possibly your ill mood had nothing to do with what the boss said at work, how the kids scored in their tests or even your dwindling social life. Maybe, you are simply a little thirsty and all you need is a glass of water.

2. Go for a stroll

When feeling dejected, unhappy or lost, take a walk in nature – whatever is closest to you, preferably alone. Fresh air can clear one’s head like nothing else. 10 to 15 minutes is all it takes.

3. Breathe

Mindful breathing – considering your breath as a conscious object of recognition, perceiving it completely – is vital to calm down the anxiety or anger you may be feeling.                                        

All you need to do is close your eyes and take deep breaths, while keeping inhalation and exhalation of equal lengths. No need to spread out a yoga-mat for this; on your office chair, couch at home, in your car seat – anywhere is possible. You’ll feel the difference within a minute.

4. Disconnect and go offline

If you are at work and can avoid it, do not answer that mail when you are feeling dreadful or angry. While at home, if you feel a surge of unpleasantness coming upon you, log off immediately from the devices – especially social media.

5. Watch television or listen to music

As simple as this may sound, closing all the running tabs in your head is quite possible if you switch on your favourite television show or listen to your favourite song. And it’s even better if it’s a comedy. There’s nothing which a good laugh can’t help one forget. However, avoid binge watching, emotionally draining content when feeling low.

6. Eat something

Something that is known to lift mood instantaneously – a banana, some nuts or even dark chocolate works like a charm. Stay off caffeine and fried food. Gradually incorporate food rich in omega-3 fatty acids, micronutrients, vitamins, minerals and probiotics as part of all your meals.

7. Remember – This too shall pass

Last but not the least, it helps to acknowledge and accept that nothing is permanent – the bad feeling, the dark tunnel ahead, the black clouds above are all temporary. Things are rarely as bad as we make them out to be – at least most of the times. So, take this downturn as your down time, as an opportunity to reenergize yourself and wait for the miserable phase or day or hour to pass.

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