As humans, we’re born with a certain amount of Intelligence – it is what makes us different. Emotions, although are present in other animals too (we can eat, torture, molest them as much as we want; that doesn’t change the fact that they feel too.) Nevertheless, the intelligence that we possess has its own Pros and Cons. All the researches and the life-changing inventions that we’ve ever done has eased our living unimaginably. Let alone be a light bulb or something as recent as shopping of the desired good which is only a click away.

Yet, there’s no means by which we can foresee what’s coming. Haven’t we always heard that the future has always been and will always be uncertain? This very characteristic of uncertainty makes it a boon and a curse. 

You may not want to wake up tomorrow morning. Or you may want to just delete your existence once and for all. You can come up with God knows how many “reasons” for why :

  1. “No one would even notice if I’m gone”
  2. “It’ll be for a few days and everything will be back to normal. They anyway don’t care.”
  3. “Their lives would be better off without me.” And only you know whatnot.

Actually, yes. The sun and the moon will rise and set every day like they used to. And it will rain in the monsoons.

BUT there are people or is that one person who wouldn’t want the sun to set after that day. There will be that someone who wouldn’t see the beauty in the stars and the moon anymore. And there will be people who would not smile seeing the waterfall on them in the pouring rain. 

Think of all the beautiful scenes in this world, think of what you would be missing if you let the pain and hurt overpower you today. 

  • YOU matter to people in ways you cannot even imagine. 
  • YOU are not your thoughts. 
  • YOUR existence does not need validation.
  • YOU are more than your problems.

You’re Beautiful and You Matter.

I promise.


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