Today I’m going to touch a very delicate and endearing topic to all of us in a “feather-light” way. Yup, I’m talking about our first love.

When we meet someone or something which makes us feel elated to a different world of paradise all of a sudden, we call it our first love. There are many songs, poems, stories being written around this feeling, yet no one knows why exactly we get these experiences. We all might have had our very first love when seeing something or someone in some way or the other. It need not necessarily be a person. A child might fall in love with his/her mother because it’s the first thing the child sees from his/her eyes. An artist might be in love with his guitar/piece of art which he composed. A Businessman might be in love with his work because he’s investing his time and money into his business. Nevertheless, the love between two friends is the most common and indisputable form of love which people can find in a lifetime.

But if we’re being specific and talking about love between two people, it cannot be explainable in simple text since there might be lot many expectations, feelings and memories associated with our counterpart; We might feel happy, experience sublime joy with that person. Likewise we might also feel heartbroken and pain when they do/not do something completely unpredictable by us.

Experts say that our first love happens due to the release of oxytocin, infamously known as the love hormone, along with other hormones such as dopamine and norepinephrine which makes us get so much attached to our relationship. They are also of the view that our first love is an addiction and it can affect our aftermath relationships. Our first love never really dies because the intense release of these hormones causes our body to experience a state of euphoria that we feel to never really leave this person and create more and more happy memories and emotional bonding with them, And when we’re suddenly cut from this state, we feel hopelessness, irritability and anger.

Also, our first love never really dies because it’s our first most emotional establishment with another person from the world other than our family and known ones. During this process, we also unknowingly invest our time, trust and respect with that person. Our first is very crucial and unforgettable in our life as it teaches some of the important lessons of our life, namely, the importance of time, trust, respect and self-worth. The pain caused because of the lack of love cannot be eroded because it was our first and foremost investment and is registered in the emotional segment of our brain. We may not remember the words spoken or actions being done during that time, but we cannot definitely forget the pain.

If a child gets hurt during his play, he/she might feel painful because they fell onto the ground. Perhaps, the wound might never go away and remain as a scar if the fall was very damaging. But they cry, dust away themselves and move on because they still have to play more and more until their mom calls out. If a child can dust away his wounds and move on, We can also do it, Can’t we? Maybe it will take its own time to really move on, but can’t we atleast give it a shot? Afterall, there’s so much more to play, isn’t it?

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