They say we’re a weird generation
Unbothered and reckless
As naive as we are helpless

They say we are too loud
obnoxiously arrogant for our own good
But how do I seal my lips in silence
when every day I see my mother struggle
to make a place for herself in a society
that still sees her as just a child-bearer

They say we are too angry
Entitled to what we don’t deserve
But how do I stop myself from screaming in rage
when every day they force-feed hatred
for religions of other
to my 4-year-old brother

They say we seek too much
they call us the madness
always looking for trouble
But how do they expect me to hold my breath
In a world that teaches me to love by colour

They say we are too ambitious
Flying too close to the sun
But how can I be afraid
of my wings getting burnt
when everyday a little girl’s soul is crushed
by the people who tell her that she can’t speak up

They shun us away
for wanting too much
But how do I convince myself that I have enough
when every day my friend goes to sleep
afraid of losing her father
the day she tells him that
her love doesn’t care for her gender

They say we feel too much
making up bizarre emotions
But how do I not wreak havoc
when they tell the boy in my class
that his tears aren’t masculine
that his feelings aren’t valid
that his depression isn’t real

They say we are a weird generation
Rebels without a cause
Ready to riot in every street
Shouting slogans of the devil and the satan

And yet
Even though I can’t be too sure,
I hope someday we’ll raise an ever weirder generation.

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