Psychological Assessments  — We offer Stress tests, Emotional Intelligence test, Anxiety & Depression inventories, Parenting Skills test, General Well-Being inventories, Eating Disorder test, Life Satisfaction test, and several other measures.


Group Workshops — These are on demand workshops and can be carried our for a batch size of 10-20 participants depending on the age group & topic. 

Topics for Children — Art therapy; Emotional Intelligence; Social Skills Training; Coping with Bullying & Teasing; Stress Management; Anger Management

Topics for Parents — Parenting Styles; Preventing & Managing Problem Behaviour; Positive Discipline; Sibling Rivalry; Balancing Work & Family Life; Encouraging Emotional Growth; Mindful Parenting

Corporate Workshops — We provide employee workshops on various dimensions such as Emotional Intelligence; Managing Stress Effectively; Improving Team Cohesiveness; Cultural Integration; Maintaining Work-Life Balance; Employee Engagement. We develop customized workshops and coaching sessions based on the uniqueness of your organization