Victim – We call victim to a person with whom something bad has happened. As humans we all develop sympathy towards victim. Emotions makes us human. Make us fragile.

Victim syndrome is called when someone becomes in habit of remain in victim feeling.

You can easily observe in them:

  • passive aggressive behavior
  • Self-defeating behavior
  • Learned helplessness
  • Negative affirmations
  • Self-pity
  • Blaming others and fate all the time
  • Exaggerate what happened to them
  • Comparison with others to gain sympathy
  • Consistent negative outlook towards world
  • Hurt people who are trying to advise them
  • They have limited circle , friends with only those people who can sympathise them and pity them.
  • Attention seeking

How do you know you are dealing with victim syndrome?

  1. They will always talk about what went wrong
  2. Conversation end up centered to their problem
  3. Engage in negative about themselves
  4. Belief that everyone else has easy life

How victim mindset develops?

  • Genetic
  • More pampered child
  • Seeing others getting pampered
  • “You must love me” attitude

How it can be worked out?

  1. Grief Therapy
  2. Psychoanalysis
  3. REBT
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