“No Shortcuts”

I wouldn’t trade my growth for a short cut.

I want to feel the pain of breaking apart, then gently putting the pieces back together.

I want to enjoy the empowerment of healing myself, and then soak in the glory of self-love!

Right after that I will be ready to spread the light around to people who feel that there is no way out of the pain.

It gets better, I tell you… it gets better and the sun rises again! Just find your happy place.

How does one find joy constantly and remain positive always? Well, the harsh truth is that I don’t think that is even possible. We have to make space for feeling the lows along with the highs. The only thing that works for me is that while I do allow the lows, I make sure to acknowledge them and learn more from them. Then take the lesson and move on to a space where I am at peace with them. The important part is the journey about learning from each phase and growing a new version of you from that wisdom.

Just the thought that we are life bearers and life nurturers seems so empowering and humbling at the same time. The moment I see my plants flowering and the buds blooming it brings a lot of things and perspective. The joys of life – growing, blooming and thriving in the right circumstances. Isn’t that all us sapiens yearn for too?

All we need to go on … Just a sliver of hope that there is a promise of light at the end of the dark tunnel. When times turn the darkest and you lose your sense of being, it’s the tiny acts of humanity that remind you that all is not yet lost! To clinging onto hope and spreading light.

To every checkmate life throws at me…

I look up and see at the big picture and how minuscule all this is compared to that.

Life – checkmate – the one – vastness – the journey.

Funnily, the same scene looks completely different in a matter of minutes. Much like life – people change, situations and circumstances change too as our perspective shifts. While the darker sides remain – a glowing yellowish pink sky emerges above as a sign of hope!

Switching lanes

Away from fear

Banish worries

Learn, learn, learn

Discover the many facets you have yet to see..

Looking at life with fresh eyes

Inviting joy & curiosity

Under the orange sky!

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