As a human, we come across different emotions. Some good some bad, some rational, some irrational. Similarly, we also experience anxiety, fear and stress in our life at some point or the other. Having these emotions at some point are completely fine and not completely bad. Humans are full of emotions, one or another at a time. When any emotion even it is happiness goes to it is extreme either causes problem or is a result of a problem. Similarly, anxiety, fear and stress are such emotions; when they are extreme causes problem or result of problem.

Anxiety-feeling  ; Fear-reaction to response ; Stress-develops from known sources

Difference between fear and anxiety:

Fear :

I am in danger

Increased heart rate and sweating       

Desire to escape /run


I am worried about danger 


General Avoidance     

Example – If a father is beating his son regularly. So even only by knowing that dad is coming, child will become anxious. Sometimes even the very thought of his father makes him anxious whereas if he actually sees his father raising his hand he gets fearful.

The Science behind it:

When brain encounters stressors it releases cortisol and norepinephrine. Which increases heart rate which requires more blood and oxygen. We get into survival mode which results in weight gain, heart disease weakness.

Moreover, volume of Amygdala increases which is responsible for anxiety and stress.

How to work on anxiety:

1. Massage your hand, it releases oxytocin which works as anti-anxiety drug.

2. Self-Analysis, what could happen, how can I deal with it.




6.Stop all or non-thinking


8.Stop self -criticizing

9.Analyse if your belief is false or true. Rationalize it.

10.Talk to someone you trust.

11. Write down what

If still you feel anxiety, stress, phobia, visit a psychologist.
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