The recent incident of an anonymous hate post on Twitter targeted towards Amitabh Bachchan has taken the social media by a storm.

A young man wished him dead when all he is doing now is fighting against an ailment that’s being dreaded by all-Covid 19! Usually known for his grace, calm and relentless composure, it isn’t quite surprising that AB senior lost it completely and had to write something that’s unlike his normal tweets.

“I hope you die with this Covid!” That was a “death wish” for Mr Amitabh Bachchan on Twitter recently. The septuagenarian who otherwise is a real gentleman in every sense of the word lashed out in the worst possible manner. Mr Bachchan’s hateful retort was a genuine reaction to an untoward/unpleasant action of an individual.

There are numerous instances wherein individuals bully/harass their friends or even close family. Cyber bullying has become one of the most heinous crimes that’s reported almost every day.

Cases are rampant in India and abroad wherein online sexual harassments, body shaming are reported by the cyber cell. Many young lives succumb to the pressure of online harassments; these individuals fail to report to the concerned authorities on time and fail to discuss the same with their families.

Having worked closely with young minds I have often noticed how they weigh their social standing in terms of their online validations and gratifications. Their lives revolve around the number of “likes, comments and shares” on their social media platforms. Unfortunately all these tear them apart from the real life scenarios. These young adults fail to judge the difference between the real and the reel!

More often than not a casual discussion with my young students often help me understand how their psyches are getting shaped by their peers; and these acquaintances are often from the virtual world. Real life friendships/relationships have become a distant dream these days! A person’s persona is measured in terms of the number of followers he/she has. This makes them yearn for constant gratifications and validations from their peers, and failing to garner the same results in drastic steps.

More often than not after posting my viewpoints on any social media platform I dread a backlash from people.

These days you can get easily labeled as an “anti-Indian” even when it’s merely expressing your political viewpoints which need not necessarily be in favor of the ruling party. I have come across Facebook/Instagram profiles of friends, acquaintances or even strangers and celebrities who face backlashes and cyber bullying every single moment. Primarily these are in retaliation of their posts/or even perspectives.

The way to reach celebrities or non-celebrities these days maybe at your fingertips but it does not authorize one to dishonor them.

The recent discrimination meted out to deceased Irrfan Khan’s son, Babil Khan comes across as the most filthy mindset projected by our society and some of its caretakers. The fact that he is being isolated by his friends on the basis of his religion is pure atrocity. When a highly privileged star kid gets threatened by outrageous jingoistic beliefs in a country that he’s born into, it is absolutely scary for the common man.

Sending across hate posts unabashedly to renowned personalities has become rampant. People do not think before taking the step. When would we start believing that even the most accomplished person on the face of the earth is after all a human being who cries when hurt, bleeds when wounded?

Sushant Singh Rajput’s mysterious death is another such example wherein the other celebrities who either worked with him or came into his life were being alienated virtually. Hate posts were up soon against Karan Johar and camp. Without even delving deep into the reality an individual, these days goes ahead in character assassination on social media by justifying his/her freedom of expression.

Such freedom of expression that maligns someone’s personality should be revoked at once.

Social media is undoubtedly the most important and indispensable means of communication however we must use it wisely and with dignity. Spewing hatred through any social media platform is not an appropriate behavior. Some social media platforms rightly reserve the right to remove any upstarts who try to create a disagreeable scenario.

While spitting venom for others on social media an individual loses his/her own credibility and image in public. Freedom of expression on any platform is a right for all. However that does not allow us to take it for granted. Social media is one of the greatest boons of technology, let us not indulge in anything that turns it into a bane.

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