Tu Koi Aur Hai
Jaanta Hai Tu
Saamne Iss Jahaan Ke
Ik Naqaab Hai
Tu Aur Hai Koi Aur Hai
Kyun Nahi Wo Jo Hai

This song by A.R Rehman really gives goosebump when we feel the lyrics.

The movie TAMASHA directed by Imtiaz Ali is so deep when you understand the real meaning and the message the movie wants to convey to its audience. The movie beautifully displayed how we are what we do. The job we do fill the biggest part of our lives. We don’t just work to fill our pockets – we work to fill our hearts too.

The protagonist Ved (which is played by Ranbir Kapoor) works as a product manager in a company. He works hard in his school and college to get a good job. He almost does everything he can to make his family believe that he is an ideal son. He works like a robot day in and day out – what to say, what to do, how to say, how to do. He follows all the rules of a to become like a Gentleman. He wears this mask every morning in front of the mirror; he tells himself what they expect him to do by the world and keep wearing the mask throughout the day until he comes back home.

He knows from inside he is playing a character; he is acting in front of the world, that he is not this person who has rules to follow. His heart is made up of freedom, wilderness, and adventures.

As he grew older he realized there’s no escape to this robotic life and there’s no place for imagination in this world. So, he suppressed his artistic heart and carry his programmed brain everywhere.

Imagine, how many people are living a life like that, just because they are forced to do a typical office job just because no one is there to support their dream and they bind my societal pressure.

Everyone is different when we are free and helpless in front of society. People change their decisions just because society will not accept that and spent their entire life consoling their hearts that this is what they wanted.

When we’re young we dream of becoming a singer, dancer, or painter but how many of us become that? A few.

There’s a scene in this Song “Tu koi or hai” Ved sitting well-dressed in front of an office waiting to get interviewed. He is sitting still with a straight face because all his emotions are tightly pressed inside and he couldn’t talk to anybody because he thinks no one will understand him. He is sitting alone in a cafeteria, holding back his tears. He desperately wants to tell the world who is he, but the fear of rejection by the society holds him back.

In the middle, of all this he meets a girl named Tara who finds out what’s inside him and makes him understand that. Ved tries to escape from her also, he does everything to forget what he is from inside and tries hard again and again as he has always been doing to forget everything and adjust in the society. But, Tara was stubborn, she was adamant in her point and keep digging things out of him. So Ved left her, he left he gets back to his robotic life, and one day he decides he can’t do this anymore.

Ved is a guy who drinks water from a flowing river, sings loudly while traveling to unknown destinations, and wants to climb every mountain he sees. He can’t be caged into a 9 to 5 job. He saw the light of hope when he found Tara who trusted her and made him realize who he is. It took him years to gather the courage to speak his heart out.

Some deep dialogues from the movie to which everyone can connect themselves.

“ Andar se kuch or hi hain hum or bahar se majbur”

“Bachpan mujhse kehta hai main bahut special hoon, par usko to mai kuchal diya”

“Kise chahiye mann ka sona, aankh ke moti? Kise padi hai andar kya hai?”

“Tu wahi hai jo subah ko office jaata hai

aur shaam ko ghar aata hai,

boss ki daant khaata hai aur

kisi ko nahi batata hai.”

“Kyuki sab bhaag rahe hain,

isiliye mai bhi bhaag raha hu.”

“Ek din mujhe pata chala tha ki

Santa Claus nahin hota,

bahut bura laga tha.

Par kya karein hota nahin hai,

yeh love,

soulmates aisa kuch nahin hota…

Ek baar ek hero tha,

usne bahut mehnat se padhaai ki,

engineering ki aur phir usne naukri ki,

aur phir woh yun hi naukri karte karte ek din margaya.

Pasand nahi aayi ending?

Toh badal do.

This movie is much more than a romantic Bollywood masala, this movie is an art by an artist who understood the mental and emotional state of a person who is trapped in his head. The movie portrays how listening to the heart is what we should do, always. When you put your heart and brain into something you will succeed in life and even if you don’t it doesn’t even matter. Because you are in love with your work, your work is making you happy every single day, and that’s what matters for a healthy life.


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