“The best and the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart” – Helen Keller

A  person needs to put in a lot of effort to have a happy and healthy relationship. Being loved is what everybody thrives for and I don’t think there is something wrong with that. When you are mentally disturbed you need someone to handle you and take care of you, it might be your family, friends, or your colleagues. Being in a toxic relationship ruins your mental health as it adversely affects your mental health. However, though you are physically fit you cannot perform a certain task effectively if your mental health is affected.so we need to have a healthy mind. 

One of the prominent reasons for having a disturbed, chaotic, and stressful mind is being prone to toxic relationships. Being in a toxic relationship can lead to stress, anxiety, and also there are chances of a person harming himself.

Here are a few ways to have a happy and healthy relationship. 

Did you ever try to find out the full form of RELATIONSHIP?

Yes, you read it right, full form of relationship.

Let me tell you this 

R- Respect 

E -effort 

L- love 

A- appreciate







I- Importance



Respect is the most important value that must be involved in a healthy relationship. Respect each other’s opinions. Do not make them feel embarrassed. Respect him or her for what they are today. Do not try to underestimate as this will restrict them to put their views or opinion forward.


Try to put in your best possible efforts to make your relationship better. It will take time but do not get dejected, work on it and you will come across finer results.


Try to be affectionate. The best example that I can give you here is the bond between a child and her parents. A father after undergoing a lot of stress in his workplace forgets about it as soon as he looks at his child just imagine how pure and affectionate bond it is.


Try to acknowledge and appreciate the little things that they do for you. Thank him or her by giving them a gift or doing those things that will make her merry. When you appreciate their doings it makes them feel even more special. Try to show them that you are grateful for what they have done for you.  For instance, appreciate them if they help you in washing utensils or in cleaning the house as these little things make a huge difference. 


Trust your partner or your friend. Do not try to enquire about their doings as it will worsen your relationship. This is one of the most important reasons behind relationships being unsuccessful. Do not get influenced by what others say. You must be capable of differentiating and understanding your well-wishers and your ill wisher.              

 For instance, When your partner trusts you and tells something about a certain issue try not to break their trust by disclosing it to somebody else.


An ideal relationship is the one that is successful even after having many ups and downs in their relationship. If you aspire for an ideal relationship and follow the tips, at least you can have a better relationship than before.  


Try to have a positive mind. When there is an issue do not try to overthink as it will lead to stress instead take it positively and learn from your mistakes try not to repeat it. 


 A relationship needs to be taken care of. Have effective communication. Try discussing the difficulties you faced in life. Discuss your likes and dislikes. Forgive their mistakes and try to make them understand their faults if there are any. Try to make them a better person. Adjust if necessary. Include some fun and entertainment in your relationship. All these small little things that you do for each other counts a lot.


Share your concerns with your loved ones. It will release stress from your mind and make you feel better. Express what you feel for them and tell them how important they are to you and also share their pain and burden.


Be loyal and honest in your relationship.  Do not lie about anything.  Do not pretend rather be transparent in your words and actions. 


Make your loved ones feel that he or she is important. Make your loved one feel that you are always there for him or her in their ups and downs. Support them emotionally when they need you. Spend some valuable time with them. Try to fulfill their needs.


Work on your relationship with patience.  Deal patiently. Choose to be silent when your loved one is furious.

Try to explain to them or talk to them when they calm down to avoid arguments and disagreements.

“Relationships are like growing plants, they need to get watered daily, by love, care, communication…the  more they are taken care of the more they grow beautifully…”. – Ashwini Ketan Shah.

Relationships can bring changes in your behavior – you will stop trusting people, there is a  chance of you being more aggressive, you will get irritated, feel insecure, and even become restless for silly issues. You will not feel good from within. You will start feeling that the people around you are poisonous because of the experiences that you had earlier but if you are happy in a relationship you tend to be a better person. 

Do not let your professional stress affect your relationship. Healthy relationships cannot be build up overnight. Before you get into a relationship try to figure what kind of person he or she is. Try to know his or her past, and observe how he or she is with people around him or her. Relationships can be successful if the efforts are put in from both sides. Relationships are stupendous for those who had a good experience and bitter for those who had an atrocious experience.





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