Positive thinking is an optimistic way of thinking that always sees the brighter side of life and will not care about the darker side. “ The pessimistic sees the difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty ” says Winston Churchill.

Being pessimistic gives us negative results. But changing our state of mind into an optimistic way will let us lead a blissful life. No matter we live a petty life or huge life, it is always important to live a cheerful life with great satisfaction. It is merely possible to lead an elated life with a positive approach.

If you consider your life as a vehicle, the positive mind works like a fuel which boosts you up. It is said that a confident person can achieve better things in life. A confident person mostly seeks a positive attitude’s assistance to gain confidence. Life is all about balancing both good and bad happens to an individual with a perfect positive perspective. That positive point of view will help us to overcome your difficulties very easily. It is not as difficult as it seems.

Many of us might have already known the story in which Tenali Ramakrishna (a great scholar and special advisor of Sri Krishnadevaraya) will be saying everything happens for good even when he was imprisoned. Later, by going through a tough time king Sri Krishnadevaraya realizes deedful thoughts of Tenali Ramakrishna in using the phrase everything happens for good. Then the king releases Tenali from the prison and appreciates him. The moral of this story was to stay positive in any kind of circumstance.

Here are a few tricks to improve the amazing life-saving mindset: 

Challenge yourself to change: Challenge yourself to think only in a positive way. Change perceiving things in a negative aspect. Do not come to conclusions on your own to think about any negative outcomes when you start or end the work you do. Once you overcome negative thoughts in your mind you are almost successful in gaining positive life.

Avoid negativity: Avert negative environment. Get surrounded by positive people. Decorate your room with the best inspirational quotations. Cultivate the habit of having positive self talk to improve your positive thinking ability. 

Do not fear criticism: In a way criticism benefits to learn and become better. If anyone criticizes just let go. If it does hurt take it in a sportive way to return them your success in a positive way. If anyone criticizes you, then realize that you are on the right track to achieve and they fear your success.

Stay stubborn: Whatever happens in life, let it happen. Be firm enough with your positive mindset and do not let negative thoughts, negative people, negative comments rule over you. Do not get manipulated.

These may be challenging to implement when life is crushing us in every possible way. However when we try applying we can have tremendous outcomes undoubtedly. Hence try looking at things in a hopeful manner then we would see the best even in our difficult situations. If I lost anything and approach my mom with teary eyes she would always wipe my tears off saying, “ you may deserve better than that beta! “ so wait for wonders to happen with a positive attitude even you lost the most valuable things in your life. 


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