As I spotted my first grey on the morning of the first day of 2022, I secretly aspired that it could well be a sign of “maturity”! As they say, maturity comes with age and time but does it really? Do we really mature? And what is exactly maturity?

The answer could be quite subjective and at times equaled with adulting. Or it could simply be what author Jane Austen had said, “Self-knowledge is the first step to maturity.”

But for me maturity is when you realize it’s another new year that you’ve been presented with just as a brand new book that’s been given to you with 365 pages to be scribbled on! What you write is as important as what you don’t want to write!

For me maturity is when you can lead a life even without making any new year resolutions; rather you could pick up habits or practices that would be apt for a new beginning. However to usher in a new beginning you really don’t have to be a new you!

Whether I gain maturity or not that is for time to decide but my grey hair would surely be a reminder to follow what I name as a new beginning or the 10 commandments to usher in 2022 in a positive, happy and contented manner.

  1. Engage in small talks rather than elaborate discussions/confrontations/arguments.
  2. Believe that a date night with one self would be better bargain than an outrageous party with friends.
  3. Forgiving and forgetting often as these are essential for one’s own happiness and peace of mind.
  4. Creating more acceptance-could be a situation or other individuals with their differences and shortcomings.
  5. Not forcing someone to love or accept you.
  6. Valuing self-worth more than how worthy your are in someone else’s eyes.
  7. Saying a “No” unabashedly while uttering an “Yes” without a doubt.
  8. Cherishing the ones who stay and being absolutely indifferent to the ones who leave.
  9. Avoiding to nurse a grudge that deepens your wounds and hurt.
  10. Speaking up/standing up for yourself as no one else would do.

As I peeked into the mirror and attempted a closer look at myself, all I could see were lines that define my journey of what we call life, spots that act as remnants of events and instances-both pleasant and unpleasant and finally a strong resolute to take on another year with grit, determination and fearlessness thus reiterating a lesser known fact: “New year but the same me as I am fabulous already!”

Happy 2022 to one and all! May this be your year ❤️

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