He stands there with his mind in the clouds…

Wondering what lies below,

What challenges he will face next,

What wall he must overcome.

Then as he tries to come back down,

A dark cloud blocks his path…

He begins to turn back,

Give Up,

Let them block his path…

But then he remembers one thing…

“No one or thing can stop you if you have hope”

He then starts to ponder…

What is hope?

What does it mean?

How do I embrace it?

Then a thought hits him…

Hope is a force inside him,

A force to drive you forward,

Something to cling to,

Something you won’t give up on,

His friends, family, lover, pets…

These are all things that give him hope,

A will to live,

A reason to move forward,

A spark of light when things look dark.

He then regains his posture,

He heads towards the dark clouds…

He enters the cloud,

The trip is rough,

He keeps thinking of all he has,

He doesn’t look back,

He pushes forward…

Then a glimpse of light,

It grows brighter,

And brighter,


He breaks through,

He hits the ground,

He slowly stands up,

Looking up at the sky,

The clouds have gone,

The deep blue sky has returned,

He then drops to his knees,

He begins to cry…


These are tears of joy,

Because even tho all seemed lost,

He made it through,


He never lost hope.


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