The past few months have been extremely hard and challenging for all of us. As human beings, it’s normal to feel afraid, scared, anxious and  insecure about the future. So much has happened  all over the world and our lives have changed drastically.

We tend to worry about the future, our lives ahead of us and often wonder what will be the ‘ new normal’ post the Covid-19 pandemic.

Initially I remember feeling so hopeless, worried, agitated and unsure of what lies ahead. So many people I knew were at the brink of starting new chapters in their lives, some graduating high school, others university and some starting their careers, and then out of nowhere we had to deal with this pandemic which had taken the entire world by a storm.

We often ask ourselves, what’s  going to happen next week, next month or even next year. Minutes felt like hours and days like  months. Your life can change for better or for worse, in a span of few moments. How do we deal with that?

There is no doubt it can take a toll on our mental and emotional health and most of all our overall wellbeing. The anxiety, uncertainty which rises side by side with the number of cases is paramount.

As important it is to take all the precautionary measure, adhere to the restrictions to protect our physical health from this virus, it’s equally important to take care of our mental health which is bound to get affected during these adverse times.

It could be as simple as reaching out to a friend, going out for a walk, getting some fresh air and practising self care in every way possible. But most of all DON’T HESITATE to reach out for all help.

It’s important to remember even during the darkest of times, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, only if you let yourself get through that tunnel, and to not loose hope, as we all know that the entire world runs on it. It’s important to remember that hope  is a decision that we make for ourselves, whenever we face any kind of obstacle or challenge, hope is something that changes everything. It has the power to change winter into summer, bareness to creativity, agony to joy.

Looking at the world today, it is easy to feel despair. A kind of powerlessness seems to be the prevailing mood all over, decisions about important issues seem to be made somewhere beyond our reach and this can affect us in every way possible, psychologically or emotionally.

It’s important to give ourselves time to heal, to adapt, to adjust and allow ourselves to come out stronger.

Gradually, slowly, eventually we will overcome this and everything will go back to normal. The new normal will be our lives now.  The pre Covid-19 times are a distinct memory just like all our other  memories, but the future depends on how we choose to define it, to treat ourselves and others with kindness, love, empathy  and emerge victorious. 


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