Did you ever experience you are over the moon and suddenly felt very sad that you are drowned into a sorrow pool? Yes, it is a mood swing. Mood swings are changing in mood temporarily. Changes in mood would be very rapid that might be from extreme happiness to intense grief. Mood swings are noticeable changes in humans. People often experience mood swings within the same day or at the same time.

There will be many causes for these mood swings. Some of them would be stress, hormonal imbalances, psychiatric causes, premenstrual syndrome, menopause, etc. Consistently it may also depend on an individual’s work they do in their day-to-day life. Some people experience mood swings very regularly. It is quite common and natural for them. This may not be a mental illness but a state of their mind which needs to be managed. However, for some people, mood swings last for a long time. There will be acute changes in their behavior and it affects their daily functioning. They become excessive and they rule over you & your routine. This might be due to many several serious causes. These causes can lead to a typical mood disorder called bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is a manic depressive illness disorder that can be cured over time. Sometimes it may need to treat for a lifetime. This disorder should be diagnosed and treated properly with the help of doctors and the utmost care. The affected can lead a healthy life with genuine care by their family, friends, and relatives. This mental disorder needs pure professional help. But the normal mood swings we face in our daily routine can be fixed by following tips:

Have some me-time: Some times you just need to disconnect with people and you have to enjoy your own company. Try watching your favorite movie, listen to music you like the most, do some craftwork, plant new trees in your garden. Indulging yourself in your favorite things lets you relax your mind. This also gives you self-satisfaction.

Take a shower: Bathing stimulates the circulation of blood in our body. Good circulation helps our mind to work with expanded energy. It also calms our bewildered mind to set everything right.

Soothe yourself: Sometimes self-soothing techniques like meditation, yoga helps in boosting up and leading a stress-free life.

Sharing: Sharing is caring. Care yourself by sharing your problems or inconveniences with your friends or people whom you trust the most. Sharing reduces your burden. It is a considerable way to help yourself to get rid of mood swings.

Track your mind:  Talk to yourself. Positive self-talk would be a beneficiary thing to know what exactly the problem you are facing right at the moment. Write things that come through your mind during your bad mood on paper. This gives you great relief.


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