The year 2021 was full of mixed emotions for me. Initially it started with dealing with post COVID health issues, then I had my B.ED (Mental Retardation) exam, then came the second wave of COVID which led to losing lot of loved ones, then it led to connecting with school friends with whom had lost touch for at least 14-15 years. Then the results of my exam was declared where I passed with distinction and got my provisional registration certificate via e- mail which led to start my private practice at a hospital.

I have 4 chambers in Birati as per now as a Consultant Psychologist and Special Educator. I have realised during interacting with the clients that there is no better satisfaction than helping people to come out of their shell and tell about their vulnerabilities and eventually gain control on their life. This year was also a year of learning for me. I have learned that people can leave you suddenly without any notice or warning, they don’t care about how you will feel after the person has left you. People change like seasons. You shouldn’t trust someone completely or share your vulnerabilities with them.

There are some things which you should leave for others to explore in you. Not everyone cares for you or supports you. Mostly there are fake people around you whom you have to identify.  If the person has to leave you, he/she will leave you no matter what you do, the person wont stay. God always has better plans for you. Always trust your instincts. Whenever your instinct is saying about a person, 90% of the time it is saying the right thing.

Efforts are more important than promises. Mental compatibility and maturity is really important. Lastly I have realised that nothing is more important than mental health. If anything disturbs my mental health and well being then it’s better to let it go, be it anything or a person. Thank you 2021 for all the lessons and happiness.



  • Let go all past mistakes and grudges
  • Make yourself a priority
  • Putting mental health at first
  • Follow  a self-care ritual
  • Accept what cannot be changed
  • Happiness over everything
  • Know your own worth
  • Write gratitude journal
  • Enjoy life
  • Practice kindness
  • Have patience and things will happen at their allotted time
  • Follow a self care ritual
  • Ensure happiness over everything

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