the clouds are there

but so is the rainbow

it’s a matter of time

before one goes

and the other shows 


in the dark deep under

buried for so long

i was impatient

waiting to sprout

not realizing

my roots were growing strong

That Hope

that which arises after the storm

that which arises when all things go wrong

that which is faint, which is subdued, which is feeble

that which helps us cope

let’s cling on to that hope


yes, love your friends

and foes to no end 

love the loved ones as well

but first love yourself


not fame or talent

not riches or being gallant

not even a lot of wiseness

what the world needs most

is the potent power of kindness


o water lily!

how do you avoid

the mud and the sludge all around

by repelling what’s not needed 

being detached, not bound


my overthinking oversensitive mind

searching for a pause button

to embrace the beauty called now

with past and future forgotten


we’ve been running a mad race

with no breaks, without a pause

unplug  unwind and unhustle

just like that, without a cause

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