Does difficult time make us less human?

Situation that has made everyone thinking about the importance of hygiene ,life , priorities, value of today.

Where the whole world under pandemic is struggling to survive, struggling with financial issues, struggling with ailments, medicines, oxygen. At this time some people are still thinking of making profits not only 10-20% but 200%!

The basic medicines are been sold at triple rates, oxygen cylinders are been sold at much higher prices. Black marketing has reached a level where people have lost their values and ethics. People are praying to get rid of this pandemic and businessmen are praying to get more patients.

For some time at least for this critical time – can’t we all be only human? If you have a product, sell it for a reasonable price. You may earn profit today but tomorrow when karma will throw up on your face you will regret it.

Creating this mess of demand vs supply is easy today for you but tomorrow something similar or maybe worst in a different condition will happen to your family, closed one and you won’t have that money to buy something then what?

Is it impacting only corona patients?

It is impacting their families, they are getting financially broke, mentally sick, how can they assure positivity to their dear ones who are suffering from COVID when they are themselves breaking up day by day, with loss of time, energy, money?

What we can do?
  1. Talk positive, help people the way you can, financially, morally any way would help, maybe supplying food without them asking.
  2. It’s real-time to show humanity, forget grudges, come closer, be sensitive, give hope
  3. We all have to come out of this together, mass prayers, gratitude every day for something that will help us all.
  4. It’s a tough time, but life is also never very easy all the time, we are all warriors and we shall overcome soon.
  5. Request to people who are even thinking of major profits this time. Don’t forget you are human too, Karma doesn’t leave anyone. Start being Human now, tomorrow you might be in a worst situation than this.
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