Taking you back to the month of January, 2020.

On my way back to home I met a lady. As she was sitting besides me at flight we ended up talking to each other.
The way she was responding with her belongings felt as if she’s completely zoned out.

  • I asked – “Is there anything I can help you with ?”
  • Within no time, she said – “You look like a college going student. How can you understand.
    Never mind, It’s something related to my office work, family and my own self.”
  • Me – “Sometimes we hold so much within ourselves that it makes home in our mind and we don’t even know what we should do with it. Just like home, we end up residing there.”
  • She – “That’s impressive. You’re feeling me. But you know what, life is really cruel.
    Sometimes, I wonder what does it feel like being lucky.”
  • Me – “Well, that’s how perspectives come into play. Because there is nothing like being lucky. Life is hard for everyone. Everyone is struggling through something it can be either mentally or physically. Do you want to know what keeps me going ?”
  • She – “Sure. What is that ?”
  • Me – “Law of serendipity says – Lady luck favors the one, who tries. You need to work on your mental wellness in order to align other areas of your life. And yes, that’s the beginning of everything”
  • She – “Your words are acting as stress reliever to me. Can you tell me what should I do in order to hold positive body image?”
  • Me

If you are struggling to develop a more positive image of your body, you should try out these :-

  1. Make a list of all the things that you like and dislike about your body. By seeing your likes, you feel good. Whereas, by seeing your dislikes you will know what is that something that makes you insecure or negative towards your body.
  2. Think it is in a way that it helps you to function. Remind yourself of all the things that you would love to do at any given day and without the functioning of your body it will be impossible. Remind yourself, how grateful you are. Gratitude surpasses everything.
  3. Wave off naysayers and surround yourself with people who takes you in a positive way – people who feel good about themselves are the ones that will make you feel good about yourself.
  4. If you start hanging out with naysayers, eventually, you will feel whatever they are saying is worth considering. You won’t be able to filter good or bad.
  5. Feeling confident about your own self is everything. It comes from within. Wear clothes that you like, and that make you feel confident.
  6. Confidence is about how you feel about yourself. Some girls feels like makeup is that something which brings confidence in them without it they don’t feel good. Likewise, you need to find what is that something which makes you feel confident about yourselves.
  7. I urge you to choose something that has no relevant to products. In that way, with or without it you will feel good about yourself.
  8. Nobody’s perfect not even supermodels. Even they have their own share of insecurity. You see, the more you refuse to accept your own true self, the more you take yourself negatively. So, accept yourself. Don’t be too much hard in yourself.
  9. Stop trying to fit into someone else style. Know what suits you and what doesn’t. In this way, you are able to handle criticism and aware about your own self.
  10. Don’t body-shame yourself. When you look yourself with criticism, it hurts your self-esteem which means you are going to check out more to other people and start taking yourself negatively. Stop! Rather, be kind to yourself.
  11. Respect your body enough to abundance it with positive mental health practices.
  12. Look after yourself. Give yourself a treat by going somewhere nice, or spending time doing something you love. Remember to value yourself.

Don’t forget to workout in order to keep your mind healthy. A sound mind comes with a sound body. In order to remove or reduce stress you need to exhaust your body by working out. Do things which keeps your body and mind both in shape.

Your body sends you notification. Listen to it. Today, promise yourself by paying right amount of attention to it.

As our destination arrived, we waved off each. All that she said was –

“I didn’t even tell you my whole story. But you resonated with me. Your words enlightened me. I cannot even wait to practice it. Thank you. Hopefully we will meet each again, someday. I will let you know how your words changed my life.”

And we waved off each other as we parted our ways.

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