“ We can go when the train arrives, “  mom tells Sushma.

“ How long will it take, mom? It’s been so long time we came to the station,” Sushma asks innocently to her mom.

“ Have patience, my sweetheart! It will arrive soon. “ mom replies convincingly.

The train arrives in the mean, and they leave the station. 

Patience does play a crucial role at every point of life for everyone, irrespective of their age. If I want to settle in life, I need to complete my studies and reach my lifetime goal patiently. Not just in this serious life things, but also in minuscule and straightforward ideas, we need to have patience. It helps us to calm and have peace of mind in life, which is predominant in our life. There will be many situations to be with patience and control our moods, emotions accordingly. Let us know some tips to control our lives with the weapon of patience and how to improve it:

Think before you speak: If you are fed up with someone, then you might really want to yell at them madly. Suppose your friend asked not to text her for some days. After some days, if she texts you, saying that you are ignoring her leads any of us to be angry. Anyone in this situation would react negatively. But try thinking, is it necessary to be angry now? Give a pause and continue to the next because words can break hearts.

Slow down: Do you want your things to be done in a short time? Stop thinking like that. Make up your mind to slow down and reach things slowly. Being impatient and trying to do things faster and faster doesn’t make your work complete instead, they may get messed up. Remember slow and steady wins the race.

Improves decision-making: When you have to make a decision, take time. When you take time, you will be able to know both the advantages and disadvantages of it. You can assess it, and you can make the right decision. This requires more patience rather than haste.

Re-framing: Try re-framing your experiences when you are impatient. For example, if your friend is late to a function you need to attend, rather than discussing with your other friends saying that she is always late, you could cherish that moment by spending time with them. Patience is linked to self-control and consciously trying to regulate our emotions can help us to train us to be self-controlled.




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