Emily Dickinson once quoted that “Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all.”

In between the cold war called ‘Life’, we all are simultaneously trying to hold up ourselves to our roots which is an essential part to be done to never give up on anything and stay rooted. Life can be ironic sometimes but there is mystic word called ‘Hope’, it is the essence which illuminates us to thrive to look forward to the future by trying to keep ourselves motivated by searching for the boat of light even in that dark room of perplexing days.

American Psychological Association (APA) defines hope as someone who “anticipates positive outcomes, whether serendipitously or through perseverance and effort, and who [is] confident of attaining desired goals.” Hope does not specifically help to look forward to the future, but also provides resilience in opposition to stress and other factors.

Hope is just a four-letter word in which the entireworld is standing grounded to it. Without any intention or desire, can we even survive in this realmof life? where slab of negativity is all around us, and obviously all of us wish to have a happy existence.Before we start or end a conversation, we start with the word hope, why is that? Because life is so unpredictable, we never know what’s next, the best example to take right now is the pandemic which hit abruptly, yet everyone hoped that everything will beback to normal as it was earlier and everyone will be safe under their shelters.

Hope is a possibility of something flamboyant happening to someone or in any situation to assure them not to worry too much about it. It’s definite thatwe all have would have lost hope at some point in our life, but in the end, all that matters is we shouldn’t give up on ourselves and never leave a stone unturned. Everyone in this world wishes one or the other good thing to come about at that particular situation since all that we can do is wish, we might be not substantial in every situation it can be mentally or physically exhausting, but hope and prayto the Almighty or in whatever we believe in they will listen to us and bless us if we truly deserve it.

It is believed that a mother always wishes the best forher child, a father hope best for his children inwhatever they do and sacrifice, our loved once give us the confidence to stand in rigorous situations and face them. Hope that better things is always the light which guides the path, this magical word routes our way to challenge the path to where we are meant to be. We all have challenged ourselves in this year of chaos and uncertainty, and while it was at the tip of our fingers to give up, we chose to continue to head forward, and take baby steps with ‘courage’. Yes! We all have come this far which is highly appreciable, let us all make ‘hope’ an open book and be the author of that book and turn the stone ‘nope’ into ‘hope’ by being the leader of the magical word ‘HOPE’.


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