What actually failure is?
In a students life, it is failing in an exam, unable to win in a game or we can say unable to achieve that particular thing which actually they want. In today’s date, parents want that their ward should be a topper and always be a successful student or person in life.
But life is really unpredictable in today’s date we need to understand the importance of failure too. We can see in today’s date suicide rate is increasing mainly in youth due to failing in the exam, and failure in getting into a dream college. We need to think that critically.
Some Important Points to Remember Are:
1. Support the dreams of your children
2. Talk to them and discuss even little things
3. Do not give priorities to success only
4. Share your experiences with them especially the failure ones which will give them the strength to develop themselves
5. Tell them its ok to fail
6. Develop a positive attitude amongst them
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