Fennel seeds are more popularly known in India as saunf. This aromatic herb is from the parsley family. Normally used as a mouth freshener it also has plenty of nutritional properties. It is rich in calcium, potassium, copper, manganese, selenium and iron. As per Ayurveda, it is a blessing for females as it has amazing medicinal properties. The powerful antioxidants in fennel may also benefit mental health. Fennel tea has been traditionally used to calm anxiety and improves memory and cure brain fog. Fennel seeds contain magnesium which improves sleep quality.

The main component of fennel seeds is ‘Anethole’ which helps to relax the intestinal muscles to relieve gassiness that forms as a result of constipation or acid reflux. Anethole also benefits lactating mothers and improves the quality of milk for newborn babies. The phytoestrogenic of these seeds may also help treat menstrual symptoms like cramps and hot flushes. For such problems, fennel tea is very beneficial as it strengthens women’s reproductive system.

Phytonutrients of fennel seeds help to recover from sinuses, respiratory diseases like asthma and bronchitis. As per research these phytonutrients regulate blood pressure, boost heart health, maintain sugar levels in the blood, improve the quality of blood cells, beat bad breath and cure edema. Drinking fennel tea regularly helps to flush out toxins, is good for liver health and also cures urinary tract infection.

So add these miraculous tiny fennel seeds to your daily diet in any form you prefer.

Stay healthy and happy!


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