A lot of times we end up in situations, relationships, friendships; which are very unhealthy to live in. In layman’s language, we call them “toxic” relationship or friendship. These can be with your partner, your best friend, your spouse, colleagues and even your family.

There are times when we are so emotionally worn out because of the exhausting environment created or fostered by them that we find it very difficult even to express and understand our own emotions. And even though we know that their behaviour, presence is causing us pain and distress we hesitate to cut the rope.

Why is it so?
Why do you think that you should feel guilty for choosing to quit an unhealthily, toxic environment?
Do we actually believe that it is so bad to choose ourselves, our mental and emotional well-being?
If those ties are strangling you to a point that you cannot even find a way to process, is it worth it?

Even to be able to provide others with your love and care, you need to maintain a healthy mind.
It’s okay to cut the rope if it’s causing inanition. Do not feel guilty.

One of the most preached sayings is that we need to learn to say “no” at the right time. This implies that during certain situations we have to stand up for ourselves and disagree or reject the uncomfortable behaviour or offers that are put forward.

Although, quite a few of us have been “wired” in such a manner that we feel that protecting others emotions, feelings is always more important than our own.
Before we say no to someone the first thought that runs through the mind is “I would be hurting their feelings by doing so”. Which again is something that we by default have to feel guilty about.

Why is it so wrong to draw boundaries if the space that you’re in makes you emotionally, physically ripped off?

Who made you think that you’ve to feel guilty for prioritizing your mental well-being and happiness?

Why do you think that choosing yourself, in specific conditions include even your respect and integrity; is not an ideal and moral approach?

The action of not prioritizing oneself over others is nothing but a sign of fear. The fear of the possibility that it may cause pain to someone who may not even be carrying the best intentions for you.

Undoubtedly it is important to take care of your loved ones but how can you deny the same kind of love to yourself? It is absolutely unfair to do so.

I understand that the word “no” is frightening for a lot of reasons but maybe if you make peace with it, it will help you gain the strength that you seek.

You cannot undermine the authority that you hold over yourself.

If you want the best for them, you have all the right to want what is best for you as well. And you do not have to feel guilty about it.


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