What is it?

Bullying is one of the major problems in the schools today. It may start with kids teasing each other, but can lead to much serious problems if not given immediate attention. Bullying is the use of force, coercion, or threat among school children to abuse, aggressively dominate or intimidate others. It is a repeated behaviour and includes various aspects of body shaming, teasing, verbal and physical abusing and even character assassination. According to the School Crime Supplement (2017), about 20% of students aged 12-18 experienced bullying in USA. In India, these numbers are as high as 47%.

Why does it happen?

There are many reasons and theories associated with bullying. Many researches have shown that bullying behaviors are developed between toddler and preschool years. It has been analysed that there is the link between parenting style and bullying. Initially, parents use threats and scolding to control behavior of their children and later, the children use the same methods to get their peers to co-operate with them. The bullies often lack self-esteem, and they try to overcome it by pushing others down. Another perceived reason is the feel of power. During adolescence, a child wants to control and own things around him/her. According to Erikson, this gives them a sense of identity.

How does it impact?

Bullying has a very negative impact on both- the one who bullies and the one who is bullied. The victims have a feeling of shame and low self-esteem leading to several serious problems like social isolation, depression, suicidal thoughts and anxiety. It can even lead to sleep disturbance, changes in eating habits, avoidance of school, higher risk of illness and many other psychosomatic symptoms. Sometimes substance abuse in victims also rises. The bully also suffers in the process. They are more prone to substance abuse, have an aggressive personality and have poor skill sets. Later in life, such people are more likely to show criminal tendencies including abuse to spouse and children. Such people struggle to develop and maintain effective relationships in their lives.

How to end it?

Bullying is needed to be stopped at the source. There are various steps that can be taken. Some of them are:-
• Educate the children about it and teach them its negative effects and also the steps to fight such situations.
• Better communication of parents and teachers with children may help to identify such problems.
• Kids should help others who are facing any such issues.
• The bullies should not be dealt with hostility rather counselled and well advised.
• Children should be taught mutual respect and help with various activities at schools.

Bullying is a real threat to the society. It can have some serious impact on the fragile growing mind of children. It is needed to be dealt in an effective manner to secure the future of the world.


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