Practice, practice, practice – is what they say, when it comes to learning anything new. Right from riding a bike to learning a task on a new job.

My new task is to practise how to manage my highs and lows. I read somewhere that it is important to push yourself when you are down. Because that’s where the greatest sense of achievement can be experienced. Do it once, then feel good about it. And keep that feeling, that sense of overcoming when you felt lost, keep that feeling, that moment as a reminder to use when you go down again. Because it’s going to happen, we all naturally fall down, feel down. It’s a regular normal – human – occurrence – thing. Especially when I am down – and feeling like I’ll get out of this headspace soon, that is when I do witness emotions and feelings that make me intrinsically feel that our being –( elementally) is meant to be in constant ups and downs, highs and lows, to change always.

Yet this happens, when we all learn attachment first. Attachment and dependency on people, on feelings – on emotions and then once it stays on we end up hating the natural universal ways of change. But I am yet to figure out why it is so. I still do spend most of my time, lost in my own head and growing fears and worries and then adding stress in figuring out how to fix those fears et cetera. The mind itself becomes a battlefield. Where I have to figure out ways to lose anxiety, focus on wellness, lose stress and figure out what my stress is!  All this adds to complications and not being able to mute the endless chatter leads to more things added to my to-do lists. This is a vicious cycle and I envy those who can wake up every day and not spare a thought on anything else.

It’s important to prioritise oneself, it is in fact essential, but I found once you feel down and lose yourself, it’s a task to find oneself over and over again. I know it should be worked on non-stop like a project on high priority. But wait ! bit by bit, small steps, small goals at a time and I will get there and so will you.


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