Happiness is a state of mind but has so much to do with our heart. Striking a balance between heart and mind is key to one’s happiness.

Let’s breathe! It’s not that difficult, is it? The real beauty of life lies in experiencing it, and not merely in spending it. Time and circumstances are different for different people, but what really matters is the spirit, which possesses the power to bring us alive every moment. Nowadays, people are so bogged down by their stressful life that they have forgotten the ‘art of living’ and they refuse to enjoy all the blessings that our Creator has bestowed upon us. We are so much burdened by our over-ambitious aspirations that we ourselves choose not to be happy.

Happiness is certainly a state of mind but since it has so much to do with our heart, striking a balance between heart and mind is the key to one’s happiness. The barrier which stops us in listening to our heart is our own fear. Yes! We fear to follow our heart and just want to be the part of the mad rat-race. We aimlessly continue doing things that do not make us happy, thus reaching the point where we lose the very zeal of life. Ah! What a loss, I believe! We all are here with the objective of being happy and the mantra of being happy is loving what you do and spreading joy around.

The “Art of Living” for me would be the 5 Ps which I follow, and abide by :

  1. Peace: Foremost, we need to be at peace with our past and future and just live in the present. Our present will lay the foundation of our future, so why bother, when everything is in our hand – we can either make it or break it. Past is always counted as an experience, so let us accept our failure, learn from it, move on and grow – that’s what we are here for.
  2. Passion: A passion is always a life-changer. It provides you with the necessary adrenaline rush that always keeps you going. Your passion teaches you to live, love, explore, dream, grow and reach the zenith of happiness. If you still have not figured out what you are passionate about, then it’s time for some introspection and meeting your real self.
  3. Purity and Love: An innocent and pure heart always acts as a guide and shows you the correct path. It helps you to differentiate between right and wrong. It makes you more human, it will never let greed and selfishness overpower you, and in a pure heart resides pure and innocent love. Love, which is eternal, Love that can conquer all the negativity and gives birth to a beautiful life. Love can create magic and shower you with bountiful happiness. Love, which empowers you to be one with the Almighty.
  4. Perseverance: Life is beautiful and ever-changing. The test of time really brings the best in you but can also deter you from your objective; it can transform you for better or worse. It’s your perseverance and attitude towards life that can do the trick. When everything fails, perseverance helps you prevail.
  5. Pay-back : It’s a vicious cycle – what you give always comes back to you in manifolds. So, one should always try to give back all the goodness he or she has received from the society. We all can do our bit in making a difference in the society, ensuring the completeness of our goal, that is, spreading happiness, serving humanity.

 Life can be a lot worth living and fun, if we take it easy. All the complexities of life can be dissolved, if we realize the simplicity of life. So be an explorer, a dreamer, an enthusiast, a lover, positive thinker and above all a “Happy child”. Life seems simple, as long as you show your dimple.

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