My beloved contemporaries,

The progressive, up to the minute youth of the nation is popularly known to be voguish, spiffy and as they call it, ‘Cool’. They like to lead a highly digitalised life, to put up in a developed location of the state, wear trendy clothes, use fancy goods, speak American-accented English and be a part of the fancy night life.

By stating the above, neither do I have an intention of complaining nor do I want to charge the population. I’m well aware of the existence of exceptions and I gratefully acknowledge myself being a part of this generation. There is nothing erroneous about indulging in the fun part of life. Rather, I honestly believe that we all should actively do that. Our science says, whatever we happily engage into, is in order to derive a certain level of pleasure from it.

The problem lies in the fact that, we often fail to strike a balance. It is great to be technologically advanced, but not to such an extent that we forget how to write with our hands. It is highly favourable to put up in a developed location of the state, but not respectable to look down upon those who do not. It is appreciable to carry oneself comfortably in western outfit, but really sad to struggle in one’s own traditional clothing. It’s salient to speak good English, but a shame to stammer while speaking in one’s own mother tongue. Also, it is a must to experience the nightlife as an adult, but a sheer mortification to remain indifferent to the day to day difficulty of this country. It might be essential to live or settle abroad for one’s own reasons, but unacceptable to curse your nation time and again.

Personally, I do not like small talk, but it is important to know how well your family is keeping, or how a long lost friend is doing in life. It is okay to drop a text asking ‘What’s up?’ to a random person you’re crushing on, on social media. But it is probably more important to keep oneself updated regarding the condition of our republic. It is more necessary to think of the political, communal, economic turmoil that our nation is withstanding. It is fundamental to discuss the pro and cons of every decision that the government takes, to analyse every step that our leaders take, which would enable us to wisely determine if he or she deserves our vote the next time. Our system makes us prone to forget that the leaders are only a representative of us as a whole, whom we chose. Since we gave them the power, we hold the strength to take away the power too.
It would be very kind, if you consider the other half of the reality too, along with leading a happening life.

My humble request to you is to only ‘Strike a Balance’ because we are the most well exposed, curious, determined, liberal, accepting and broad-minded a generation, that India has ever seen. We can do our individual part and facilitate a ‘Start’.

Thereby thanking,
Yours faithfully
An anonymous youth


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